DiskClon NVMe-8

Disk Duplicator & Wiper for NVMe SSD

DiskClon NVMe-8

Disk Duplicator & Wiper for NVMe SSD

DiskClon NVMe-8

DiskClon NVMe-8, a disk duplicator & wiper for NVMe SSDs,
stably duplicates and wipes data stored on disks and efficiently
stores/manages the original disk with its disk backup function.

It duplicates a disk using stored image files without a master
disk and deletes all data on the disk quickly and completely.

Slide 8ํฌํŠธ NVMe ๋””์Šคํฌ๋ณต์ œ๊ธฐ ๋””์Šคํฌ์‚ญ์ œ๊ธฐ DiskClon NVMe-8 Disk Duplicator & Wiper for NVMe SSD
Fast and stable duplication/deletion speed

Disk duplication rate: Average 9GB/m, maximum 12GB/m
Disk deletion rate: Average 12GB/m, maximum 15GB/m
* The rates vary depending on media type and condition

Complete data deletion and report

Based on the erasure method that enables reuse of the disk, it supports all five international erasure standards of the US Department of Defense. After deletion, it automatically creates a report recording the list of deleted data for easy results report and management

Backup/management of original disk image files

The original disk can be backed up and managed as image files in the device. The disk can be duplicated using the saved image file. Disk backup is supported on all ports, and image files can be transferred to a remote location via the network.

Various disk duplication methods

Supports method in which the original disk is directly connected and duplicated and method in which image files stored in the DiskClon device are used for duplication.

Duplication by connecting the disk Disk to Disk

Using the original disk for the duplication of target disks,
it supports two duplication modes: [duplication of used space] and [duplication of all space].

Duplication of used space Smart Copy

It boasts high-speed performance by duplicating only the used space of the original disk.

It takes 3 min for 28GB of used space out of 128GB

Windows (NTFS, FAT16/32) support

Duplication of all space Sector Copy

It duplicates the entire disk, including empty space.

It takes 14 min for 28GB of used space out of 128GB

Supports all file systems

Duplication of disk image files Image to Disk

You can select a saved disk image file and duplicate it in a way suitable for production and maintenance environments.

Single Image Clone
Duplicates the same image files

It uses one image file and duplicates it to all target disks at the same time.
Suitable for mass production and maintenance

Multi Image Clone
Duplication of different image files for each port

Different image files are set for each target disk and duplicated sequentially.
Suitable for small-quantity production and various types of maintenance

Supports an easy and convenient
working environment

With intuitive user interface, 7โ€ screen, and a Windows GUI-based touch screen,
provides a user-friendly, easy, and convenient environment.

DiskClon NVMe-8 specifications

Number of ports 8 (NVMe SSD Slot)
Size (W x D x H) 454 x 440 x 190
Weight 13.1kg
Power 700 W / Full Range (100~240)
Display 800 x 600 Color LCD / Touch screen
Built-in storage 1TB HDD, 64GB SSD
Peripheral device ports USB 2.0 x 2, USB 3.0 x 2, Serial x 1
Network 1 x 1000BASE-T
Duplication rate Average 9GB/m, maximum 12GB/m (The rates may vary depending on the media)
Deletion rate Average 12GB/m, maximum 24GB/m (The rates may vary depending on the media
User interface Windows-based full GUI
Type of supported bus IPCIe3.0(6.4GB/s), NVMe 1.0/1.1
Supported OS Windows (8.1, 10)
Supported media M.2 SSD, M.2 NVMe SSD(2242, 2260, 2280)

* For quality improvement, the hardware specifications may be changed without prior notice.


Production solution for businesses

ยท Testing products in the field of manufacturing M.2 SSD
ยท The production of PCs and other IT devices equipped with M.2 SSD