Forensic solution for image quality improvement


Improves low-quality images with
various restoration functions

CFS E1 is an image analysis forensic software designed to
improve accuracy in criminal investigations, security surveillance,
and scientific investigations. It provides various functions for
forensic analysis such as quality improvement/image processing
for images or videos that are difficult to identify.

Slide CFS E1 Forensic solution for image quality improvement
Various filters

It provides different types of filters that can be easily applied to images

Lens distortion correction

It transforms distorted images taken with the fisheye lens on dash cameras, etc. to flat images

Enhanced functions for forensic investigation

It provides useful functions for forensic investigations such as defocus, motion deblurring, super resolution, and tilt correction of vehicle license plates.

Image wizard

The wizard makes it easier and more convenient to apply various image enhancement tasks.

Enhanced for forensic investigation, this function makes
unidentifiable image evidence identifiable.


Commercial version of the legal image analysis program for the National Forensic Service


Transforms images blurred due to the wrong focus setting to clear images.

Motion deblurring

Removes the blurring of images of moving objects to make them
clear and identifiable.

Super resolution

Calculates/combines pixel information of multiple images with
low resolution to create a high resolution image.

Tilt correction of vehicle license plates

Makes the license plate of a photographed vehicle readable
when it is difficult to identify due to a narrow angle.

Lens distortion correction

Makes a distorted image taken with a fisheye lens clear by
transforming it into a flat image.

Image adjustment

Adjusts the color, brightness, and contrast of images.


For image enhancement using several functions, it helps apply them in order at once without having to work separately.

CFS E1 specifications

Minimum specifications Recommended Specifications
Processor Intel Core 2 Duo Intel Core i7-4470
Operating system Windows Vista SP 2 or later Windows 7 SP 1 or later
Memory 2GB 8GB
Available Disk Space 10GB 20GB

Check various functions of
CFS E1 in more detail.

CFS R1 โ€“ Video Recovery

Analyzes and recovers damaged or
deleted video frame by frame