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Please find answers to several frequently asked questions below.

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A To run a differential backup, a full backup image must exist in the drive to be backed up.
Although a backup image exists in Recovery Zone, a full backup is again created if the backup image does not exist in D:\ drive.

Full backups (.wcl) and differential backups (.dif) can be identified by their file extensions.
A You can change the option for Secure Boot in UEFI BIOS.

Follow the steps as follows so as to change the option(The method of the access and the change can be varied by manufacturers).
1. Have access to UEFI BIOS by entering the Shortcut Key provided by each manufacturer after booting your PC.
2. Start the Security Menu.
3. Turn off the option for Secure Boot.
4. Save the changed detail, and then reboot your PC.
A For SkyLake environment, it is not possible to boot to a USB booting media created in the previous version of Windows 7 (SkyLake SPEC).

You can make a boot this way:
1. Use DVD Writer built into PC - After creating DVD media to a bootable media, make a boot to a DVD bootable media.
2. Use Windows 7 or later - In Windows 7 or later, recreate USB media to a bootable media, and make a boot to a USB bootable media.
A In case of general restoration solution including WinClon 6, if hidden partition/hidden recovery partition created by PC manufacturer, third party software, and user exists, it may cause crash or problem. Thus, it is desirable to use WinClon 6 program, after deleting restoration solution of other companies that you have used previously.

However, in case where you need to use WinClon 6 with existing restoration solution of other companies, you may backup/restore without installation of Recovery Zone by using โ€˜wizardโ€™ mode as below.
1. Install WinClon(do not install Recovery Zone).
2. Wizard backup - Backup Windows partition or entire disk.
3. Creation of booting media - Create WinClon booting media.
4. Wizard restore - Restore Windows partition or entire disk by booting with booting media
A It is highly likely that the file system of the removable device has been damaged.
In this case, correct the error of the removable device and re-run backup.

You can correct file error by the following procedures.
1. Check the driver text of the removable device connected to your computer.
2. Start > All Programs > Accessories (Programs)> click (right side) Command Prompt to execute Administration Authority.
3. Run Check Disk (chkdsk) of the removable device
- chkdsk removable device: /f
- When it is supposed that removable device is M, it is chkdsk m: /f
A There are two passwords: one when you install restoration domain or use WinClon that is set up in the advanced menu and another for wizard backup image that is set in installing it.
Both passwords are encrypted. Therefore, if you donโ€™t remember it, you canโ€™t find it.
A Yes, you can.
You can restore the backup files in PC with the same version as before by using backup image.
However, of your new PC uses key hardware (such as CPU and main board) with different version, it can not boot up after restoration.
And even so (booted up), new proper device driver(s) should be installed form the new hardware.
A If your PC is the same one licensed at first, you can have it re-authenticated.
A Unless OS is installed, restoration domain canโ€™t be installed in HDD.
Therefore, only the partition of HDD where OS is installed are shown.
A [STEP 1]
Make sure that disk information of the Target PC on NetClon screen displays correctly.
If not OK, please check for the disk connection status of the Target PC.

[STEP 2]
Make sure that [Target Disk] item under [Settings] menu is set to Disk 0.
If only one disk is connected, please check that [Settings] > [Environment] > [Target Disk] is specified to a value other than Disk 0.
If two hard are connected, also check that it is set to Disk 0 or Disk 1.