Facial Recognition

CFR – Clonix Facial Recognition

Clonix Facial Recognition

Now, Your face is your ID and
your credit card.

Facial recognition is a technology that identifies people by
extracting their facial features and comparing them with images
stored in a database. The technology is contactless, meaning
it does not require human contact. Being hygienic and convenient,
it is the simplest and most efficient security system.

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Contactless user identification

User can be identified only via face recognition without specific actions or physical contact such as card tagging, fingerprint, and iris recognition

Walk-through type

Even faces in motion can be analyzed, automatically recognizing multiple people without them having to stop in front of the camera

AI deep learning facial recognition algorithm

High-performance AI deep learning algorithm enables high speed and precision detection even under various constraints, including face angle, glasses, and makeup.

Fast and accurate recognition

Face detection and quick analysis from 2-3 meters Face detection and recognition with high accuracy of 99.6% or higher

High convenience & security

Convenient use without having to memorize or carry Excellent security: difficult to imitate or copy and safe from theft or loss

Identity theft prevention

It blocks attempts to recognize non-human forms such as high-definition photos, 3D models, and videos

Clonix Facial Recognition

Backed by recent improvements in accuracy based on AI deep learning technology,
facial recognition is being used in various fields including identity verification and
access control as well as the public, security, finance, and logistics sectors.

Face detection (scanning)
Captures face with camera and
analyzes key features to make data

Face matching (facial recognition)
Compares and analyzes extracted
data against information in DB

Recognition results
Identifies and counts
through matching data

Face detection

It automatically recognizes peopleโ€™s faces in real time – even when they are moving or
partially hidden – from multiple angles and in different lighting conditions.

Facial feature detection/analysis

By analyzing the features extracted from a recognized face,
it searches for the person by rapidly comparing their face with different faces in the database.


Its face analysis separates โ€œregistered usersโ€ and โ€œunregistered usersโ€ in a specific space
to count the number of users and analyze how often and when the person appeared.

Characteristics of Facial Recognition

Convenient walk-through type

Walk-through type enables analyzing people in motion

  • Identity verification and access control by automatically recognizing faces in motion; no need to stop in front of the camera or tag ID
  • Recognizes many people at once, eliminating the inconvenience of waiting in line
  • Convenient use without having to memorize or carry
  • Recognition within up to 3m

Safe contactless method

Hygienic and convenient contactless user identification

  • No direct contact between the device and users for recognition: less risk of infection and hygienic

Unforgeable/unmodifiable excellent security system

Impossible to forge or modify thanks to the โ€œidentity theft preventionโ€ function

  • Effectively distinguishes attempts to use non-human forms such as
    high-definition photos, 3D models, and videos for facial recognition

Improved accuracy based on deep learning algorithm

Applied high-performance AI deep learning technology

  • Quickly extract and accurately analyze unique features of each face using data gathered by AI deep learning algorithm
  • High-speed and precision analysis even under various constraints and conditions such as glasses, makeup, face angle, and lighting
  • Continuous development enables applications for various marketing and statistical purposes
  • More than 99.6% face recognition accuracy

CFR Specifications

Minimum specifications Recommended specifications
Processor Intelยฎ Coreโ„ข i7 Processor Intelยฎ Coreโ„ข i9 Processor
Operating System Windows 10 Windows 10
Memory 8GB 32GB
Hard Drive 1TB 7200 RPM SATA Hard Drive 6.0 Gb/s NVMe / SSD space 1TB


For identification purposes

Simplified identification process replacing resident registration card or passport

ยท Airport immigration, security screening, and check-in
ยท Attendance management: punching in and out and working hour management
ยท Bank transaction, password replacement
ยท Ticket reservations: quick checks, prevents scalping at concerts, etc.

For security, monitoring, and surveillance purposes

Security area access control, blacklist search, crime prevention

ยท Intrusion detection: access control to buildings, enterprises, apartments, etc
ยท Identification and tracking behavior of specific persons such as criminal suspects and terrorists
ยท Protects confidential data and personal information: PC security and locker management

For distribution and marketing purposes

Customer analysis, customized PR, and personalized customer service

ยท Customized promotion according to gender, age, etc.
ยท Item recommendation and customer analysis through facial recognition at kiosks
ยท Credit card replacement and smart, unmanned convenience stores

Used for the business process automation system of S Bank

S Bank has built a โ€œbusiness process automation systemโ€ using our facial recognition solution.
When a registered user enters, their face is recognized and their work is automated, providing quick and accurate business support.
The facial recognition solution can be applied to various industries and developed into different services.